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A totally bizarre experience

I just had the strangest experience.

So, the screen door to my patio has popped out of its track, which I’d intended to fix long ago but forgot about. Apparently I left the glass door open tonight, and one of my neighbors saw this plus the popped screen and was worried that someone had broken into my apartment. They knocked on my door and the landlady called me on the phone, but of course I was asleep and did not hear these things.

I was woken up by a flashlight in my face, as they’d called to police to come in and make sure I wasn’t, like, dead on the floor or something. They’d even brought a dog with them! The weirdest part was it wasn’t until I was after I was up and talking with them, and they’d explained what happened, and I’d thanked them and they’d left to reassure my landlady/neighbor that my brain even really processed what was going on.

It was as though dream brain was making up logic to make sense of the presence of two people and a dog being there. I think my intuition was on track, though, that there wasn’t any danger going on, so that I did not wake up all a-pounce, as I sometimes do when people startle me out of sleep (even in those cases, I’ve never actually throttled anyone).

At any rate, I feel nice that I have watchful neighbors, and I doubt I will ever forget to close and lock my glass patio door after this >_<