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Back in Kentucky

Ah, to be back in Kentucky once more, it feels wonderful!

Shortly, Scott and I will be off to do some adventuring, which may or may not include going down to the river to take photos. Either that, or scouring the Goodwills for picture frames. Or maybe just lunch. Who can say!

Anyway, my goal this break is to do more soaking in of Louisville locations. Last visit’s trip to Cavehill Cemetary was wonderful, and I want more of that.

In unrelated news, I’ve been playing around with formspring. It seems like it has potential to be a fun little application, especially since I often enjoy memes but am usually reluctant to post them in my journal. Anyway, check me out.


Ego-strokes round 2

Referring to this entry, here’s round 2.

D Flo causes infectious laughter. I remember when I was up north, everyone in the house always knew when I was on the phone with D Flo, because it wasn’t long after “hello” that we’d both be bellowing out laughs about some ridiculous thing or another. I remember D Flo was one of my favorite people to show comics to. I’d finish a Halo comic, run up and give it to him, and fidget there, watching his eyes, waiting for him to reach the punchline, and be rewarded by one of my favorite laughs. Spending time with D Flo feels natural, as if he’s always been there. The Blue Bike Gang, Walmart runs, or even just sitting and watching him play Age of Mythology over his shoulder, keeping an extra eye on the invasive red dots on the radar. D Flo is one of those rare people that I share a brainwave frequency with. It makes playing co-op games so natural: Halo, Ghost Recon, Desert Conflict (ah, Kuwait never had to worry with us around!), and of course, Taboo (“Mogwai! Mogwai!”). D Flo is my partner in crime, stage management or otherwise, and whenever I am with him, I feel light and playful and full of energy, as if joining forces to save the world is no hard feat.

In other news, Ken and I had OpenCanvas fun this afternoon.
Scott Fargus of Dragons
I have no idea

Ego-strokes Round 1

Only three takers this round, but I’ll keep checking back to my previous entry in case more should come along, and hand out ego-strokes as they come.

Wheeler is my newest friend! He is a joy to chat with, be it about birds or taxes or long ramblings about nobilis. Plus, he is one of the few people I’ve encountered in my life that listens to Magnetic Fields. Anyone who likes Magnetic Fields automatically gets +10 awesome points to start with. It is nice to suddenly have made a friend who is around most of the time and willing to chat about all manner of things. I have become so comfortable with him so quickly that it seems perfectly natural to accept from him a cartoon bomb in a cake ^_^

Ken is one of the best friends I could ever have hoped to possibly make during my trek throughout life. He is quiet, but full of power, and I feel instantly safe whenever I am around him. Okay okay, quiet except during Halo ^_^. I have never trusted another person so completely, and I know I could share anything and everything with Ken without fear or hesitation. He is also extremely talented, and is not afraid to do what he wants to do. I am truly suffering on a deep level by not having his friendship in close proximity, but that will make it all the more exciting when he finally comes back to town! I never have to plan anything with Ken, and I never have to worry about speaking when I am near him to maintain any sort of level of comfort. It is just comfortable by default. Ah, the many times at Centre eating together! I love listening to Ken talk about Italy and Caravaggios and art, because he emanates a strange kind of warmth when he does that is very comforting. It is safe to say that I would be quite lost without Ken.

Will is awesome! He is one of those people that I can learn volumes from just by playing with him. He is all filled up with laugh-making and ambitious plotting and dreams and ideas, and is all kinds of fun to tag along with in one plot or another, or to just run circles around. It is good fun to once again have a friend to play with, on the level of swapping sketches, and discussing the evolution of long-lived-and-loved characters, and the many psychologically healing functions of lunchables, and all manner of silliness. Will has a great big heart, which is a quality I sincerely admire and can empathize with, and there are times when I can see bits and pieces of myself inside him, which is probably why he’s so easy to get along with.

Who, me?

Gabbard posted pictures from the TMBG concert, check out the broken floor! We are so hard core.

I usually grumble at myself and post apologies for doing memes. However, I do this one all the time on other people’s journals, it’s high time I started giving out strokes,

Reply with a message and I’ll tell you something I adore about you. (this is generally followed up by a demand to do the same in your own journal, but I don’t like to be pushy)

A survey? Oh come on Lisa…

1. First Name: Lisa
2. Nicknames: I don’t know if I have any, though I answer to Wertle. A lot of people are apt to call me by my full name, and Eric Abele used to call me “Downtown Lisa Brown”
3. Age: 23.
4. Siblings: Older brother Eric, who is awesome
5. Who do you have a crush on? Excuse me, that would be a secret
6. Birth date: February 2, 1982.
7. Screen name(s): Wertle1 (SyrusGrgyl and Zedraldeklan are rp names, but I don’t have much time for that anymore)
8. Where you live: Louisville, KY

1. cell phone: It sounds like a cricket
2 .Favorite Salad Dressing: Garlic Expressions *drool*
3 .Favorite band(s): They Might Be Giants, and some other stuff too
4. Favorite movie : The Shawshank Redemption (I didn’t even have to change it from D Flo’s!)
5. Favorite book: “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman. (YOU ARE COPYING ME)
6. Favorite type of music: Geek Rock
7. Favorite car: Mine! The S stands for SUBMARINE!
8. Favorite Saying(s): Mrf?
9. Favorite Fast food: Panera…or maybe Schlotsky’s…or maybe Jersey Mike’s
10.Favorite Ice Cream: Phish Food
11.Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper and his associates
12.Favorite Alcoholic Drink: n/a
13.Favorite Flower: roses are delicious
14.Favorite Food: Buffalo Wings
15.Favorite Song: it varies
16.Favorite Television Show(s): I dun watch much TV these days, so I’ll default to Futurama
17.Favorite Radio Station: the 80’s station, before they got rid of it *sob*
18.Favorite Candy: chocolate
19.Favorite color: purple
20.Favorite Sneakers: My old fallin-apart vans
21.Favorite Smell: FEAR
22.Favorite Brand of Gum: any kind of bubblegum
23.Favorite Animal: Dragon!
24.Favorite place to sleep: anyplace I feel safe. These days that’s in Brendan and Maria’s apartment
25.Favorite thing to do in the summer: Play!
26.Winter: Play…Halo!

1.School: Maaaaaaybe Carnegie Mellon
2.Where you want to live: Near the people I love
3.How many kids: NO
4.What kind of Job: One where I get to work with cool people
5.Get Married: *shrug*

I’m skipping this section because all the answers are “no’. It’s all like “have you done drugs” and “have you had sex with 3 people at once” and all that. I’m boring

1. Coke or Pepsi: don’t like either
2. cats or dogs: cats
3. One pillow or 2: 4–1 for head (sometimes 2), 1 for knees, and 1 on either side for snuggling when I roll over
4. deaf or blind: blind
5. hot tubs or pool: depends on if I’m playful or lazy
6. Televison or radio: ugh, i don’t do either much anymore
7. Cool ranch or Nacho: ew
8. Mud wrestling or JELLO: insufficient data

1. LOVE: it is the Big Thing
2. Your most prized possession: my stuffed doggy
3. The thing that makes you the happiest: Being near people I love
4. The worst thing that ever happened to you: The whole New England experience was pretty rough, but I don’t regret it
5. Your favorite slow song: iunno
6. The grossest thing you have ever eaten: beets, i hate them
7. Your biggest Fantasy: iunno
8. The best feeling in the world: physical affection without social barriers
9. The worst feeling in the world: sleep paralysis
10.The scariest thing that has ever happened to you: sleep paralysis the first time, I was sure I was dying
11.The best number in the world: 0, it screws everything up
12.The best memory of this year: Spinelli’s…YUM
13.The object you miss the most: the College Bubble

1. Makes you laugh the most: D Flo! Whenever we are on the phone I laugh so loud the people in the next room say “are you talking to D Flo again?”
2. do you hate: I…don’t think I do.
3. Knows the most about you: Carleton
4. do you trust the most: Ken
5. Seems to be the most down to earth: Ken
6. Has it easier-guys or girls: wha?
7. Loudest person you know: Yale x_x
8. Craziest person you know: Meghan Langley, I miss you!!
9. Weirdest person you know: weird like how?
10.Who are you thinking about right now: Excuse me, that is a secret
11.Who do you miss: Ken, D Flo, Jeffrey K, Brendan (even though he’s just right downtown and i see him the most!), Carleton

1.Do you ever save AIM conversations: Yes, especially if they are insightful or if they contain vital information (like phone numbers)
2.Do you save e-mails: yes
3.Do you save pictures people send you: yes
4.How many people are on your buddy list: I don’t know, I have them broken up into many little groups and I don’t feel like doing the math
5.Do you like motorcycles: I went on a ride ONCE on my uncle’s Harley. I’ve added it to my “list of things I’ve done”, and I’m never looking back.
6.What are your favourite stores: Great Escape, any bookstore
7.Are you a player: huh?
8.When do you go to sleep: Late, lately, i haven’t been sleeping well
9.When do you wake up: 9 or 10 or so
10.Do you sleep with a nightlight: no
11.What do you wear to bed: tee hee ^_^;;;;;;;;;;;;;
12.Is your bed made: Ha! No
14.Where do you wish you were right now: Within pouncing distance of my friends
15.Are you righty, lefty, or ambidextrous: right
16.What’s on the walls of your room: A bunch of prints that Synnabar gave me, the Spirited Away poster that Ken got me, some of my art, a drawing from Emil, a painting from Nick, the horseshoe crab I found in Westbrook, postcards, and the Dangermouse poster I bought in England
17.Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: Yes
18.Do you eat chicken with a fork or your fingers: Both
19.If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be of: One of those magic pictures, so I could slap people for staring at me for too long
20.When was the last time you took a shower: Yesterday

1.What are you doing right now? Job hunting, working on personal projects, thinking about grad school
2.What time is it? 4:30 pm.
3.Have any plans for tonight? Either Tuesday Night Basketball or sticking around because my brother’s visiting
4.Seen anyone you know today? No (unless talking to people on aim counts)
5.What were your first words this morning? mew
6.What do you think of this survey? I always feel bad about posting them, because I usually never read others’. But my rule is that if I *do* sit down and read one, then I may as well post one of my own
7.How long did it take you? I forgot to keep track
8.Any final words? I can never think of clever things