What’s in a (domain) name?

Hello Internet!

I’m shopping for a domain name for my portfolio website (a more selective and refined portrayal of my work than wertle.com, which is more of a personal dumping ground), and as you can probably guess, I’m suffering from the common name fate. What tips do you have for portfolio website domain names?

Here are some things that are available:

(regular old LisaBrown.anything seems to be unavailable)

I also considered making a subdomain off my animation group website, so something like lisabrown.argproductions.com or lisa.argproductions.com, which would probably read more professionally to people than lisabrown.wertle.com


On Wikipedia

Will made a remark about Wikipedia which I find quite brilliant, so I will repost it here:

“You have to treat Wikipedia like a really huge store and pretend you’re shopping for trivia. You’ve gotta go in with a mission, grab it, and get out, ’cause otherwise you’ll spend all day browsing through the pretties.”

It is true that the link-filled nature of the wiki is akin to some carnivorous plant, slowly drawing you in, entangling you more and more, until you are digested over some extraordinary amount of time. Here is my current trail:

Sweeney Todd -> Titus Andronicus -> Seneca the Younger -> Medea -> Argonauts -> They Might Be Giants -> Tiny Toon Adventures -> Muppet Babies -> The Garbage Pail Kids

And then I had to stop, because it’s late and I have to wake up early tomorrow for the Adventure Module!