Lisa’s Favorite Games of 2014

2014 feels like it’s actually been 5 years crammed into one. So much has happened! I was skimming over a list of game releases for this year and kept thinking “wait, wait that only came out THIS YEAR??”

Anyway, once again my usual caveat: these aren’t necessarily games I think were THE best games of the year, just ones that happened to consume me personally in a special way. And on that note, this is games that I played for the first time this year. On we go…

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LD31 Post Mortem – One Does Not Simply Walk into More Doors

2014 has been the year of many game jams (for me, relatively), and one consistent trend has been that each jam gets more and more chill than the last. LD31 is probably the most low-key, easy-going jam I’ve done to date. All the same, I’m quite pleased with our game, One Does Not Simply Walk Into More Doors.


Looking back on why this jam felt so relaxed,  I think most of it came down to experience and attitude and how that shaped our process. Also, figuring out a jam workflow between two designers who have different game-making tool preferences ended up being really efficient…

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An insight

I’ve been in the Netherlands for the past week, seeing friends and experiencing beautiful things under no obligation or responsibility to do anything. These conditions are ripe for the growth of insights. I’ve had a fair number, but let’s just pick the most recent one, which is a two-parter so it’s like a bonus for you.

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