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(On BoomBlox)

Lisa: “I like how it vibrates your wiimote just a bit when it’s your turn.”

Maria: “It’s so you can play this game if you’re blind.”


Maria: “I don’t have any programming skills, I just think of the ideas. That makes me the designer.”

Scott: “I don’t have programming skills either, what does that make me?”

Maria: “That makes you a playtester.”

More Monster Comics

So the giant monster comic thing apparently triggered something in me. The ideas were pouring out of my brain so quickly that I had to run around with a bucket to catch them all. It’s fun to feel this way, I haven’t been on this much of a drawing frenzy in a long time!

T-saur Visits Monster Island, Part 1

Expect more to come.

And another amusing quote:

Colin: “In Fish Hell, I take care of you. In Fish Heaven, Lisa takes care of you.”


Some amusing summer time quotes…

Josh: “What do your parents do? Wait wait, I know…your dad is an engineer and your mom is a professor.”

Lisa: “No…”

Josh (ponders): “Okay, your dad breeds and raises unicorns and your mom teaches them to read…”


Gabe: “Don’t you sass me!”

Lisa: “I’ll a-sass-inate you!”


Jesse: “pinky swear NDA!”


Chocula (Ross), from 2 bays over: “DAMMIT LisaTheIntern!”

Lisa: “I’m sorry!!”
Ross: “……don’t apologize for killing people!!!”


The Bandology consensus on Cloverfield:

Andy: Cloverfield is the second movie ever to give me motion sickness.

Edmundo: Cloverfield gave me a hangover

Me: Cloverfield almost gave me a freakin seizure

The conclusion being, don’t take those warnings at the ticket counter lightly