Well, that weekend was productive. I managed to get started on my work for this week, plus got in the studio and made some good progress, had a fine and tasty cookout on Friday night, plus found kitten a new home! Saturday was a particularly nice recovery day, as I’d stayed on the phone up until the wee hours the night before, so slept till 1:30, did some cleaning, and then took a long nap until 5:30 or so (in preparation for staying up and talking on the phone until the wee hours again ^_^). I suppose I needed the sleep, though, and Sunday was quite productive in terms of my workload.

As I am planning to go home this coming weekend–for a Kempo clinic and my brother’s birthday–I’m going to try very hard to motivate myself and get as much work done this week as possible. Knocking out a weekend will do a serious blow to the amount of time I use to do work. Plus, if Jeff’s shaky plot for fall break ends up happening, I would like to go home the next weekend as well, to spend time with Brendan, Dave, Ken () and whomever else (though, that is homecoming, it may cause conflicts because I want to see my brother also). So, two weekends in a row with no work would be quite rough.

However, I shouldn’t be counting any chickens just yet. Must talk to Jeff today, must not count chickens…

Another year, another kitten

Following the great Rodes 2 temporary kennel tradition, I’ve taken on an abandoned kitten until we find it a good home. Cute little thing, very snuggly and playful, but I am in no state to be raising a kitten, so I’m searching for some new parents for it (any takers? Kitten, anyone?)

Ugh, this week has been quite overwhelming, with lots going on at once. Yesterday seemed to be the culmination of it, what with working the first road show (Cats) of the year and still trying to get my program for OS done. I was up until 2:30 or so, as the program was due at 3 in the morning, and I did not get it to work properly. It’s quite frustrating, because it was a fairly simple program, and I could have written it in Java with my eyes closed. But, learning C and programming in it at the same time proved to be quite tricky for me in this case (I wasn’t the only one in that boat, though, which is slightly reassuring).

By the time I got home last night I was exhausted, both from unsuccessful coding and the load-out. Perhaps it was just because it was the first road show of the year, but my hands are torn to pieces. My achilles tendon was not happy with me last night, and frequently piped up to remind me that it still had tendonitis. Consequently, my sleep last night was not terribly restful.

I called in to work today. Anne (the slide library curator) is always very understanding of me and working road shows, and had no problem with it. I thought about using the extra time to jump right in and work on finishing my other program for Compilers, but I decided that I could use some refreshing, and that it would ultimately do me more good.

So, I slept an extra hour, tidied up around the apartment, showered, and cooked myself an omelette. I have many emails to respond to, so I may spend the rest of the morning doing that. However, it is more likely that I will nap some more before my 12:40 class, and just generally get some more rest.

(and to think, my glass slots haven’t even started up yet. Next week’s going to start to get busy x_x)


As I was teaching the Glass I kiddies how to gather today (and unintentionally creating a batch of hard asses, because I completely forgot to offer them the option of using a glove. Toughin ’em up I say! *cough* oops) I realized something.

I am the only senior glass major, and thus am undisputed queen of the hot shop. This means one very important thing…I have total control of the music we listen to in the studio! Muahahahaha! There is Woody to contend with, I suppose, but he is not an art major, and thus I take precedence.

Now, don’t get my wrong, I didn’t mind Ken( and DH’s reign of Phish and Pearl Jam for the past couple of years in glass, but it’s nice to realize that you hold musical power.

Hehehehe! *dashes off to make hot shop mix cds*

Drama Picnic

The drama picnic was fun and exciting, as it always is. Even though overcast weather could not hinder our usual fun.

Every year when we go to the drama picnic, once in the fall and once in the spring, we always go through Junction City, and every year I see this sign. Every year I say “I really need to take a picture of that sign,” and since I’m a senior this year I thought I’d better get on it. Anyway, here it is…

More pictures of picnic fun…


Weee! What a first week! It wasn’t as overwhelming as I thought it would be, though this weekend will be busy with me preparing my proposal. I think the art society, if Nick and I can get it off the ground, is going to be great fun. We’re going to get the kids to help out with the Anagama kiln this year (which I’m very excited about, I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures!)

Meanwhile, the weather has been overly pleasant this week, and I’ve been in good spirits every day in spite of the busy schedule that faces me. There have been slivers of loneliness here and there, as the absence of my many graduated friends makes itself more and more apparent, but at least I still have D Flo () to save the universe from Covenant aliens with!

In fact, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on my own this week, which is pleasant in its own right. It’s been too long since I could enjoy my own company and inner ponderings. I’m going to paint this term, on my own. I even did the unthinkable, and bought one of those pre-stretched pre-primed canvases instead of stretching my own, Sheldon would be so ashamed!!

In other news, I have floaty ideas about this year’s Halloween costume, but nothing solid yet. Also, this project in my Compilers class is going to be brutal..

*sings* C is for Cookie, it’s good enough for me… *code code code*

I woke up this morning, stretched, did my computery things, and headed out to the bathroom only to find that my doorknob was broken and I couldn’t get out of my room. Fortunately, Caroline was home, so I called her room and she had Physical Plant come and free me. I just thought it was a funny way to start off the morning (it’s a good thing I didn’t have class until 12:40!)

So far, things are moving slowly, which is really nice. I know that once next week comes around, I’ll pick up more things to do, like working at the slide library, teaching the glass I kiddies to gather, and starting up glass slots. There is a family reunion at home on Saturday, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend. I have a lot of work to do on my Rhodes Scholarship application before next week, and I’d like to get started on my Compilers project, and I won’t have a lot of time after this weekend. At any rate, I’d like to get my site updated this weekend, even if it only ends up being a small update. I’m also hoping that my injury will be better by next week, I wanna play Frisbee!

C-worthy vessels

Well, my first day of classes went quite well. I managed to wake up early and get a lot done (a trend I hope to keep).

Operating Systems seems like it’s going to be fun. Dr. Oldham seems to have a very dry, Shannon-esque sense of humor, but I think he’s going to end up being pretty good. I think this class and Compilers will compliment each other nicely (it will be the term of C!)

Northern Mannerist and Baroque art…well…it’s a Dr. Levin class, I fear it will be the same as all the others. I’m hoping to be able to do my research paper on glass in the time and place, but I don’t know yet.

I also met with Nick and Judith (and Augustine came too) about Art Society stuff for the year. Nick Holmes and I have found ourselves to be co-presidents this year, and I’d really like to do some fun stuff, because last year the club was fairly nonexistent. I think we’re going to try and get Art Society kids to join in on the Anagama kiln that we build every year (and I want to get my own pictures this year!).

I also talked with Matthew today, as he wanted to know all about my adventures at BTF this summer. He was very pleased with me, and told me I should be quite proud of myself. I told him about how much I loved making the wolf heads and dead dog, and how I wanted to make puppets and stuff, to which he responded by conspicuously lifting his clipboard and saying “Well look here, I need some props work for The Yellow Boat this winter, and there will probably be some puppetry work too. I’ll get you a script tomorrow.” x_x Well, I hadn’t had anything planned for winter term anyway, so I guess I’ll look into it.

I was planning on playing Ultimate Frisbee today, but when i put on my shoes, I was painfully reminded that my Achilles tendon is not quite done healing yet, thankyouverymuch. Hmph, it’d best get better soon. I probably will sit out on frisbee for the week at least, but I really want to play.

The evening drew to a close with a nice game of Ghost Recon with D Flo (), then a hall meeting, then being image compression wench and Dreamweaver advisor for Carleton ()

Tomorrow will bring me Compilers, and a whole lot of free time which I will hopefully convert into lots of finished work. We shall see.

Fun-packed week

This week has been a wonderful homecoming. On Monday, I was happily reunited with Brendan, Ken (, Dave (of being-hit-by-a-TARC-bus fame), and Evan. There was much hugging and grand tours of new apartments, and plenty of Halo of course. Brendan, Ken, Dave and I made dinner that night like a family, then we went to Evan’s for dessert. Tuesday was even more fun, with the infamous D Flo() come to visit, featuring Emily Tate. All was joyous and partyful.

Though I will be sad that most of my friends will not be returning to Centre, now that they’re bound to the real world, I’m happy that they will be so close. I’m also excited about the schoolyear, though a bit frazzled by having to move back tomorrow.

I spent Wednesday night with my parents. We got buffalo wings and watched Two Towers together (sorry Carleton, I was so excited about the prospect of actually *eating* the buffalo wings that they were completely devoured before I thought about taking a picture ^_^). Today I had lunch with my mom and grandmother and cousin.

I also went to the doctor today about my Achilles tendon. It seems it is merely a case of tendonitus (boooo!), and I was given some drugs and shown some stretches to do to get through it. Stupid tendonitus. Ah well, if that’s the worst that will happen it’ll be all good.

I also managed to get my website updated, so go look at that. https://www.wertle.com

All in all, it’s been a very fulfilling week. By next update I should be back at Centre!