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Calling out Good Behavior in LoL

League of Legend’s new Honor system lets you call people out for positive behavior.  It’s a bit like reporting only for positive things.  I’m unclear on whether any action is going to be taken on this data (like for matchmaking or whatever), but I still think it’s a good idea.  Apparently Dota 2 has something similar, but I had not read about it.

Battle.net RealID


In spite of all the hooplah about using real names on the forums, one thing that RealID does EXTREMELY well is makes it way easier to find people you know who are playing the game.  Because you can view the friends of people in your friends list, you can easily find mutual friends that you didn’t otherwise know played, and adding them is very simple.
I know more than once I’ve been on Starcraft 2, and none of my friends have been on, so I browsed THEIR list of friends to see if I knew anyone, added somebody, and boom, someone to play with that I knew!

Team Fortress 2 “Coach” Mentoring


We thought that enabling player mentoring as part of the interface of your game would really help retention of new players seeking a safe way to learn to play.  This update doesn’t mention the specifics of the system for coaching players, but the thought of it is promising!
I will be listening for success stories or otherwise.

League of Legends Tribunal


Will this be an effective means of utilizing the population of the community as a force to resolve harrassment issues?  Is the system fullproof enough in its anonymous matching that it would prevent another Sims Online Mafia incident?  Time will tell!
Peter says…

“Yeah, it potentially could [lead to another online mafia incident], but it looks like they’re doing a lot to make sure only experienced players can do it & that there can’t be collusion (judges get random cases, can’t communicate, don’t know how much their vote is worth). It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.”