ETC Orientation

So ETC Orientation was all day today, and I was so excited last night that I could hardly sleep. My excitement was not disappointed! Granted, most of the day was devoted to introductions and nitty gritty need-to-know things, but…

…my God you guys, this place is cool. I am going to have so much fun here! It is like the Science Center, only times 1000.

Also, my classmates all come from such a diverse background. Computer scientists and artists, yes, but also mechanical and electrical engineers, business majors, history majors, medical electricians (I don’t even know what that really is, but it sounds awesome) and of course people are coming from all over the world. I tried to be social today and sit with and talk to different people, but I’m not too worried, because as I understand it I will be working intimately with all 50 people in my class. They throw us into teamwork based projects right from the get-go.

The opportunities and industry names they bring in seem boundless. They told us that if we have anyone really cool in mind, let them know and they’ll try to get them in for one of the seminars (we have seminars every week from faculty and industry professionals alike. Neil Gaiman is coming in the spring. Hooray!). Anyone cool that I should ask to get?

I am exhausted but deliciously excited and super happy. I’m really glad I chose this course of study, and I already know the financial sacrifices will be well worth it. Weee!

Cosmic Frisbee

Last night I had the most incredible dream! There was a huge field crowded with many people, and we were playing the most gigantic game of Ultimate Frisbee ever. And everyone I knew was playing. Like, everyone. Nate, Josh, Ryan, Frankie, Woody…all the old Centre Frisbee folk. The ballers were there, the Shredding Tears were there, my friends from high school were there, the Science Center people were there…..eeeeveryone.

I’m not exactly sure who we were playing against, because everyone seemed to be on my team. Everyone was happy and running about. Every pass was perfect, and I was in no pain, even though I was running and jumping and such. Then, I threw a perfect hammer, and Nate Whitfield turned to me and nodded in sincere approval, smiling broadly.

Does this mean I’m about to die?


So, we hadn’t used our oven yet, so I decided to try it out tonight to make sure it worked and all. After a few minutes of preheating, it definitely caught fire! Fear not, internet, it was very small and I put it out straight away thanks to my lightning fast Kempo reactions.

I’m not sure what caused it, because the oven was completely empty when I turned it on. But, who knows what’s been lurking down there since the last people moved out and we moved in. I emailed my landlord about it, and I’m sure he’ll have it looked at (thus far I’ve been very impressed with the responsiveness of our landlord, he even climbed out on the roof to single handedly brave a colony of hornets that was building a nest between the windows of our bathroom).

Meanwhile, I spent the latter part of the evening scrubbing down the entire kitchen to remove the thin layer of fire extinguisher powder which had settled upon it.

Every now and then, it’s nice to have cold hard proof that you are quick-thinking and level-headed in emergencies. I hope my next Pittsburghian adventure will be less…uh…smokey!

More site updates

As promised, more updates on the website, a links page, my resume, and a mailing list you can join if you want to be notified of Lisa life updates. I’ll admit that last bit is redundant if you already read my journal, but some people do not.

It was very stormy today in Pittsburgh, and the power went out for a bit. This was somewhat detrimental when it was still out after I took my “Oh I’ll just nap it out” nap. To save my sanity I went out exploring, treated myself to a cake batter with oreos and strawberries ice cream at Cold Stone, and sure enough the power was back upon my return.

The internet took a bit longer to get as nameless unsecure wireless network took the time to figure out that he or she just needed to restart the router. We’re getting our own cable set up next week, so no longer will I rely on the kindness (carelessness?) of strangers for net access.

The Update of Updates

Oh my goodness…can it be? Oh yes, it can.

I knew that stranding myself up here alone weeks before classes started would get me to work on tasks long left unattended. I FINALLY got my webpage updated

About Me

Once again, it’s mostly backend stuff, but I’ve done some very clever things (I promise). I also feel like I now have a pretty good understanding regarding customizing Gallery which I didn’t have when I first put it on there.

Things to note: The projects section has been redone, there’s a brand new pretty sketch for you, and (as always) minor updates to come. Little things, like a links page and my resume, and maybe a picture for the About page.

You have NO idea how nice it feels to check this off my to-do list!

Busy Bee

Since the borrowed internet signal is too weak for any real WoWing, I’ve been getting lots of work done on the Bryan Scary project among other things. Productivity is the best cure for loneliness!

I finally got the ARG! Productions website updated, and boy was it due for one. There’s still some reworking to be done, for example the About section needs to be rewritten, but a clip from the LadyBug short is up there to see.

It’s not very fancy looking, and Will says he wants to spice it up visually, but what with all our work on important things it’s a low priority right now. It serves its function well enough.

Oh yeah, everyone send positive energy to San Diego today. Will is at Siggraph participating in the FJORG! Animation competition, and his team is the ONLY ONE there doing a 2D piece. He called me this morning with an update as he took an unwinding lap round the convention center. This has made them somewhat of a crowd favorite, but it’ll all come down to the judges in the end. GO WILL AND TEAM!


As mentioned before, we don’t have any silverware in the apartment yet (one of my other roommates arriving later this month is bringing some), so for awhile I have to make meals I can eat with chopsticks, my hands, or a wooden spoon.

Eating spaghetti with chopsticks is weird. The food still tastes delicious, and I have no problem handling it with chopsticks. It’s just that, there’s a disparity in my brain between the two things. Something feels off, as though my mouth keeps expecting something different every time I take a bite. It keeps my mouth on its toes, I guess, if mouths had toes.

Nevertheless, I’m going to have to come up with enough chopstickable meals to last me through the week.


I wanted to follow up and post that, like green tea and rice, Kyle has introduced me to yet another useful awesome thing: Megabus!

I’m not really sure how these people stay in business, what with the ridiculous low prices, but it is a keen way to travel between big cities for cheap (that is, if you don’t mind long bus rides).

The Tears dropped me off in Cleveland and I Megabused back to Pittsburgh from there. I’m definitely looking into using this to visit Chicago. D Flo: PREPARE!

5 Shredding Tears and 1 Lisa

What a fun week! The Shredding Tears performance on the roof of Glassworks was faaaaaaaaantastic! They are such amazing performers! Also, the sound was really nice, kudos to Ken for finding whoever ran sound for that show.

The next day I clambered into the tour van of said Tears and set out with them as an official roadie. The trip was delightful, and their show in Toledo was quite fun. I actually tried very hard to convince Bauer to let me help out, but he was confident in just having me assist Graham in guarding the van as they loaded in and out.

Graham and I make the perfect ominous guard team: a blind man and a short girl. Go us! Here are some highlights from the trip…

Favorite Quote:
“The only thing I’ve ever lost in the band was the band fund which I didn’t lose.” -Bryan Scary

Most amusing moment:
At a pit stop with single user restrooms, Scary attempted to expedite the process when he discovered the men’s room had both a toilet and a urinal by inviting a COMPLETE STRANGER into the bathroom to pee with him (just being polite, the man was next in line after all). Upon the door closing, Mike, Graham, and myself exchanged the most befuddled, horrified, and bemused expressions. What I would give to have captured them!

And the winner of the “It’s Clearly Obvious these guys have spent so much time together that they have assimilated one another’s vernacular” Award goes to…
The word “absurd”

Thanks again to the Tears, who are so very lovable and wonderful people, who let me hitch a ride along their tour so that I could get back to Pittsburgh. I hope they come here to play some time.