WoW Personalities

Nerd Post! Nerd Post! You have been warned!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ve picked up World of Warcraft. It’s Will’s fault, peer pressure and all, though Kyle and Ian were playing first as hunters. Anyway, I immediately chose a warrior, and Will plays a healer, and some might think that odd. Since when does quiet, caring Lisa charge into battle and hit things a lot? And Will, a healer? He’s the fighty battle-one, right? Analysis!

Will: speaking of, I figured out our playtypes a little better. to bring WoW into a personality analogy. and it’s actually not that weird.

me: really?

Will: the character classes have stereotypes. but the stereotypes only fit their roles in solo environments I read a big article on Instance Theory this morning. and how most of it is based around the “Holy Trinity” Tank – Healer – DPS is the optimal team of 3 (which, conveniently, a Warrior, Priest, and Hunter fill quite well)

me: (indeed)

Will: the Warrior is actually the one that cares after the group. it’s more protective than it is “ugh, smash!” like, it starts out as mindless weapon swinging. but turns into protective organization, watching out for danger, and keeping everybody safe.

Will:the Priest, on the other hand, is the super star who actually doesn’t do that much work. he’s also the first person to get blamed for a wipe, regardless of who was at fault.

“Where was my HEAL?!”

but in big groups, they’re not expected to do any damage at all. they hang back, look cool, and keep everybody alive, motivating the group or whatever (maybe adding snarky comments) but they don’t really directly protect anybody much, they’re mostly cleanup for tank and whatever gets past the tank.

Will: and then the Main DPS (usually a mage, warlock, rogue or hunter) just actually kills the dudes.

Will: You like protecting people directly. I do too, but indirectly, and I like being showy about it and Kyle and ian just like killin’ dudes.

So there you have it. I am a protective, caring type, concerned for the well-being of others. Will is indirect and showy, helping out on the side but getting attention in the process. Kyle and Ian? They just like to kill dudes.


Okay, I am confused. What the crap is everyone up in arms about over Facebook?

I seriously do not understand why so many people are throwing an ‘OMG Stalker!’ hissy fit. Is facebook not a profile based site? Is its purpose not to make your own personal information public to the interweb by posting it? Do people not realize this is what it is?

I for one thought it was handy, because if someone made a change, you didn’t have to go scouring the page trying to figure out what it was. How is everyone okay with having their email addresses publicly posted but getting angry that someone on their friends list can see if they changed their political view from liberal to moderate?

I am not trying to be all downcasting, I seriously want to know the reason people are angry. Tell me why!