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Why I hate voting-based internet contests

Attention humans! This is a public service announcement. Oft times on our internets, there are contests that involve voting. Inevitably, someone involved in the contest will send a link, asking all their friends to vote for them so they win the contest. Pretty common occurrence, yes?

I just want to make sure everyone knows that these drive me mad. There is nothing worse than “hey here is an organized competition on which people really should vote on the criteria of the content itself but instead it’s really just how many people you know you can get to vote for you without considering what the contest is even about.” It’s an insult to the people who organize the competition hoping that people will treat it legitimately.

If I am linked to a contest, I want to treat it fairly. That means I would want to review the applicants and vote for the best one, not just vote for the person I know. Usually, the thought of having to go through all the applicants and judge them fairly is exhausting, especially if I’m busy or not particularly interested in the contest subject or whatever. So, I just don’t vote at all.

Be aware, that when you send me these things, and I do not vote for you, it is not because I don’t love you. It’s because IT DRIVES ME CRAZY WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT.

It would be easier, I think, if all content were stripped from the contest, and the criteria were simply “see how many people you know you can get to vote for you, for no reason, really, other than that they know you.” Then whoever rallied the most people would win! And really, that’s how these contests tend to work, right?