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I know this is disgusting, but I miss Math classes. I know I know, I’m horrified myself.


I love these things! I would love to play with an interactive online model of one. Once there was a math exhibit at the Science Center, and they had a few models of these sorts of things. They were great, but I would like a virtual one to play with, because I couldn’t get my arm stuck in a virtual one.

…I MEAN… ¬_¬

Science Therapy

Yesterday was considerably more energizing than the few days before it. I met up with LSC Scott and Mariah at the Louisville Science Center, where we did romp about our former domain. We surprised Julie (the volunteer coordinator and our old “boss”) by all showing up together, and it aw a fine reunion. We even ran into even more former volunteers from our time, and it was all joy and play and laughter.

Being around those guys, and around the Science Center in general, was just the sort of energizing boost I needed, and I’m really glad we got together. I miss the Science Center. That was definitely one of the highest points for me emotionally. It was just such a wonderful playground, full of wonderful, wacky, brilliant, playful people. I remember when I first started going there, I was so shy and timid, as I’d signed up for the program all by myself. But then there were so many magical people. People like Marsh, who taught me that off-the-wallness was perfectly acceptable and liberating. Or Jared Schuetter, who planted within me the seed of obsessive Hawaiian shirt wearing. And of course the people I met in the program: Scott, Mariah, Kathleen, Devon, and billions more, all some of the most fantastic and amazing people I’ve ever met so far.

We ruled that Science Center during our time. RULED IT. Spreading and wallowing in the joy and fun that was SCIENCE and play. It was like an imaginary world that I got to escape to as often as I pleased, only it was populated with real people who were just as imaginative as me. Alas, I should never have strayed from the path of SCIENCE! ^_^ Perhaps I should learn something from this.

*note* I was never afraid to dance when among those of the LSC

After our joyful reunion, I went to my safe place–Brendan’s and Maria’s–and almost promptly fell asleep, the first bit of healing sleep I’d had in days.