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Things change!

Lisa! What is happening? You are posting in your livejournal?? What happened to your newsbruiser blog and your feed?

Well, a website redesign is looming on the horizon, and my site journal has just deteriorated into something that is more troublesome than it is worth. Plus, LJ has advanced quite a bit in the past couple of years and added some features I started the newsbruiser journal to get, namely tags and what’s what. I am reverting back here.

Originally my plan was to stay off livejournal because I wasted too much time on it, and my site journal did help with that. But then I thought, “Lisa, you play WoW, if you ban yourself from wasting time in one way, you are just going to find a way to waste it in another.” So yeah, time for the changing of minds!

So, what better way to kick things off on LJ than with some pictures? Scott was needing a creative outlet, so we stopped by my parents’ house and picked up several boxes of legos. Enjoy!

Lego City!