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Busy updates

Busy times, busy times.

Tomorrow is my last day of work. Half of me is excited (hence the not being able to sleep so instead staying up late and posting on LJ), and half of me is frantic because I have to leave them in the middle of their hectic getting-ready-for-the-start-of-school time. My calendar is packed full of social obligations I have to tend to before heading off to Pittsburgh, and it’s equally exciting and exhausting.

Last Friday my Kempo friends came over for dinner. It was fantastic to see them again and amusing to watch Brad and James compete on the Wii. Kempo is such an important yet not often talked-about part of my life and spending time with them is always enriching. I’ll try to keep updating within the next week, as I’m sure much will happen before I depart for the north.

A few notes…

1) They should just rename Facebook to Scrabblebook and be done with it.

2) Iisaw (iisaw) posted this awhile back in his journal, and I kept meaning to share it. It is one of the most fun and cleverly designed Flash games I’ve encountered. Brendan, you would like this a lot, so be sure to check it out: BLOXORZ

3) The other day I helped my grandparents set up their first email account and send their first email. They were delighted.

That’s all for now!


Scott came to Kempo tonight! And he enjoyed it! Hooray!

I don’t talk about Kempo much on here, do I? Possibly never, seeing as I didn’t even have a category set up for it.

I always intend to write a big long “about Kempo” post, but I never seem to have words for it. We will just leave it that it is important to me, possibly the most important. I started when I was 16 and I shall continue for many many years to come. Further explanation requires a high level of word crafting which I have not yet achieved, and possibly never will (I am not a word magician, like some of you others).

I am just excited that I am finally dragging some of my friends into this, so they can see for themselves what I can’t explain (though it will take a lengthy time of it). Brendan and Maria, you are next!

General Update

The summer has been going exquisitely, in spite of some sleeping problems I had after Carleton left on his trip, but I think I’ve gotten a handle on that now.

It is wonderful, I have so much inspiration to do art! I’m working steadily on that painting of Fish, as well as a commission I am doing for Scott. I also finished up some gift art that I started for Flamestryke two years ago, but stopped when we lost communication. I decided to start over and finish it up, after I regained contact with him this spring. It was another vector-coloring experiment, to counter balance the oil painting and watercolor/colored pencil pieces I’m working on.

I also have an inkling to try batiking (or to make a batik…is it a noun or a verb?) I tried it once in high school with so-so results, but I had an idea of a door hanging that I would love to make, I just need to go buy supplies for it.

Last night I went to a tapas bar in town with Jaime, Becca, and Laura, and it was reeeeeeeeeally yummy! I had always wanted to try a Spanish tortilla, I’m glad I got a chance. Tapas are tasty!

I keep having dreams about the Science Center, which I am taking as a sign that I need to go there. I need to visit it at least once before I leave Kentucky for the year.

Other tidbits: I’ve picked Kempo back up full swing (it’s great to see everybody again), I’ve been making regular trips to the library, I am secretly writing a story…in secret, Dave () still owes me pie.

stupid sound board

I hate the dichotomy of feeling very excited and wanting a week to get over with as quickly as possible, but at the same time feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff you have to get done before the week is through, and thus wish you had more time.

Thursday I worked Saturday Night Fever, which was nice, as it was a very small show and the load-out ended at 12:30, earliest yet I think! On the other hand, it was not nice in some ways. You see, our theater has this inherent problem that every now and then (which is more frequent than it sounds like), the sound board for a road show will not fit in our elevator. Thus, to get it to the back of the house, it has to be carried up several flights of stairs. Sound boards weigh from 1600 to 2000 pounds, or more, and are also quite fragile–which means any idea you have about making it easier to carry up the stairs, you can’t do, because it has to stay level and you can’t tip it and this and that.

Because of this, road shows have always been a good opportunity for me to practice my Nimpo skills, because as soon as I hear the sound board does not fit in the elevator, I vanish! Blend in to the walls. I haven’t had to carry it up so far, but Thursday (after stacking some very heavy trusses with too few people–I’m surprised no one lost a finger) I was captured with the other electricians to carry it down. If carrying the sound board down the stairs is so much easier than carrying it up as they say, I never never NEVER want to have to carry on up. UGH x_x

The resulting soreness made the Kempo clinic on Saturday a little rougher, but it was still fun and enjoyable. And now I am four times as sore. Ah, well, as soon as the muscles knit back together I will have SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH.

Well, i’m really only writing this entry now to put of the load of work I have to do today. I suppose, however, I should get started. If anyone needs me, I’ll probably either be in Olin or the Art Barn.

What was that?

Today has been packed full of fun times. I spent a greater portion of the day at a Kempo clinic, which was awesome. I missed all my Kempo peoples, it was great to see the second fam again.

This evening I hung out with Ken, since we were both exhausted from our days (Ken () has been busy at work down at Glassworks). We happily chilled and watched cartoons, then went to the Pie Kitchen, where I fretted and debated over whether I wanted pie or icecream, pondered getting both, decided that would be splurging way too much, and ended up getting two pieces of pie instead x_x ‘Twas good, though, and we ate our pie and watched cartoons for the rest of the evening, joined later by Dave.

I’m beginning to feel the fun, creepy Halloween spirit tonight. Last night still held remnants of the summer, as the tree frogs and night critters were out making pleasant music. Tonight, though, it was nearly silent, with a few lingering crickets. We were also graced with a few calls from our local fox, which greatly added to the atmosphere. Have you ever heard a fox call? It sounds like a screaming child, especially when muffled slightly by the woods. Mmmm…must think of good Halloween costume this year.

Oh, and an Update: I may now safely count the chickens, i just need to figure out which way to incubate them 😉