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Birthday times!

First off, thank you all so much for your dice comments! They were all very helpful and intriguing, and I jotted things from each of them in my brainstorming log. My game is ending up similar to the “dice darts” concept, except that I’m using a super magnet, and using bolts and nuts as dice in the same way that Pass the Pigs uses plastic pigs as dice, scoring based on what position they land in (this is until Monday, when I can get some magnetic paint from our facilities admin, and I’m going to try using normal dice).

More details on that later. For now, birthday report!

This has been one of my best away-from-home birthdays in awhile

Birthday Times!

Today is my birthday, and for some reason I am super excited about it! Or it might be that I am just super excited about life in general, and the fact that it’s my birthday is incidental.

Woo 25!! This year is the big move out of the 18-24 age demographic, so farewell college kiddery, hello twenty-somethings!

Tonight I am having dinner with my family at my brothers’ and tomorrow is the Celebratory Early February Birthday Chili Party.

So, if you are in Louisville and free tomorrow, please stop by my place for chili! Food around 3, but accepting callers as early as noon. Yay!



Happy Birthday Me!

On Monday I got a Roth IRA, and was very excited about it. I wanted to journal about it, but then I realized that only grown-ups get excited about things like Roth IRAs.

Then I realized that I turned 24 on Thursday. Crap! And so here it is! Today begins my last year in the 18-24 age demographic. Wish me luck.

I saw my shadow when I woke up today

The Third was the Color of the Sun.

“There are lots of lighthouses in Maine because it’s so big and easy to crash into.” –Carleton

Today is my birthday and I’m 22 years old and I’m having pie instead of cake because…well, it’s not because I don’t like cake, it’s just that the blackberry pie at the store looked so tempting!

This weekend we visited Carleton’s Dad in Maine and, in addition to playing lots of FFX, I got to eat a lobster. ‘Twas quite tasty. I’m a little sad that my visit is coming to an end, but as a birthday present I got a ticket to come up and visit again over spring break (but don’t worry, I’ll be back for Sammy and Will Johnston’s wedding ^_^ ).

I also purchased American Gods for the flight home, though I snuck in a read earlier today. So far I enjoy it, but then again, every book that Brendan recommends to me i end up really enjoying. Hopefully I’ll finish it before the madness of spring term flares up too much. I don’t think it will be terrible, but jumping right into tech as soon as we get back will be a little rough.

Which reminds me..


Sunday, February 8, 2:00 pm
Wednesday, February 11, 8:00 pm
Friday, February 13, 8:00 pm

Norton Center for the Arts box office: (859) 236-4692 or 1-877-448-7469.

Happy Birthday!

Hooray for birthdays! Yup, today was my birthday, a very special February 2nd (and for the record, I did not see my shadow when I woke up this morning, so spring is on the way! Um…that’s right…isn’t it?)

I am now the big 2-1, but I don’t drink, so it’s not terribly exciting. In fact, out of all my birthdays, it’s the one I’ve wished would come and go as quickly as possible more than any other birthday, just so I could get the teasing over and done with.

My parents got me an interesting gift. It was a watch, which is a sort of “Oh, how nice” thing at first, but it was a watch with a lot of weight. The story…

I am horrible at losing and breaking watches, ever since my very first digital watch. I was always keen on digital watches, being on swim teams, they were very helpful. So, a majority of birthday presents from my parents have been new digital watches, which “I promise not to lose this time!” It was almost to the point where I expected it–a nice new clunky digital watch with velcro wristband (for easy attachment) and helpful timers.

This was a different watch. It was a very nice watch. It wasn’t a clunky, practical digital watch, but a very nice, sophisticated looking…grown-up watch. It struck a chord than rung deep and roused up many ponderings about myself.

My initial thoughts went to a conversation I’d been having with belladonnarosa regarding some artistic ability or another, and some comment about a final blessing from my fairy godmothers before they disappeared in the long sleep of adulthood (which, unfortunately, is poorly paraphrased. I always close IMs before I think to save them, always when there are important words inside).

I feel I’ve grown up in a lot of ways. There’s a lot inside of me I take for granted and that I fail to share, and that needs to change. I don’t mean that I haven’t been the real Lisa, I’ve been myself, it’s just that I haven’t been ALL of myself, especially around the people closest to me. It’s frustrating.

Brendan put it well to me once that I was grown up, it was growing *out* that I’m having trouble with. Does that make any sense?

At any rate, this term smells of change. I think it’s a good time to show my friends who I really am.

and damn it all to hell, I forgot to trace a radioactive symbol in the icing of my yellow cake >_< Blast!