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Yellow Boat is finally officially over!

Strike was delayed a bit due to an impromptu private concert from Colin’s dad (note: Colin is Colin McCann, son of Peter McCann, who wrote “Do You Wanna Make Love (Or Do You Just Wanna Fool Around)?”, which the cast and crew was in love with). So after the pleasant sing-along, the disassembly started.

After putting props away, I spent most of it de-tangling the fiber optics used for the stardrop. What a paaaaaaaain.

In spite of my heavy workload, I’m dropping everything to go home tomorrow to see Les Triplettes de Belville, which I’ve been anxiously waiting to see since Brendan showed me the trailer a year or so ago. I’m very excited!

Fun-packed week

This week has been a wonderful homecoming. On Monday, I was happily reunited with Brendan, Ken (, Dave (of being-hit-by-a-TARC-bus fame), and Evan. There was much hugging and grand tours of new apartments, and plenty of Halo of course. Brendan, Ken, Dave and I made dinner that night like a family, then we went to Evan’s for dessert. Tuesday was even more fun, with the infamous D Flo() come to visit, featuring Emily Tate. All was joyous and partyful.

Though I will be sad that most of my friends will not be returning to Centre, now that they’re bound to the real world, I’m happy that they will be so close. I’m also excited about the schoolyear, though a bit frazzled by having to move back tomorrow.

I spent Wednesday night with my parents. We got buffalo wings and watched Two Towers together (sorry Carleton, I was so excited about the prospect of actually *eating* the buffalo wings that they were completely devoured before I thought about taking a picture ^_^). Today I had lunch with my mom and grandmother and cousin.

I also went to the doctor today about my Achilles tendon. It seems it is merely a case of tendonitus (boooo!), and I was given some drugs and shown some stretches to do to get through it. Stupid tendonitus. Ah well, if that’s the worst that will happen it’ll be all good.

I also managed to get my website updated, so go look at that. https://www.wertle.com

All in all, it’s been a very fulfilling week. By next update I should be back at Centre!

Weekend adventures

The weekend has been packed full, but of fun and games instead of changeovers, so it’s all good.

Most of the UConnites ventured back to school, so the Festival is a bit more empty now. I woke up Saturday morning very puzzled because someone was in my room (Katie-Bug had moved into another room, so I was confused), but it was just Ali. She’d come to say goodbye, which made me very happy, and bestowed upon me the tricky mission of taking care of Thumbs, and making sure he doesn’t drink too much.

Carleton also left that day (I’m on the ancient beast of a prop shop computer), which made me sad, but we got to hang out a bit before he left. We even finally beat Nitrous Oxide on normal, so that sort of completed the summer. He’ll be back for this coming strike anyhow, so it won’t be so bad.

That night, us remaining folk had a Slumber Party in Ripley Apartment, complete with Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and a bit of Silent Hill 2 thrown in for good measure. It opened up a whole new door of opportunity for scaring the bejeezus out of Sara.

Sunday, we bid farewell to LambChops, and promptly went on a shopping trip. As everyone is gone and I’ll have little to do this week, I decided to take up knitting (after a quick lesson from Katie Bug, I’m on my way to a new scarf, made of llama wool to honor Ian, and so that I can wear it in the winter when Jeff wears his alpaca jacket, and we can match, or something). Shopping would have been fun, but I didn’t realize that Thumbs was a for-real shopper, and had to go into EVERY SINGLE STORE just to find a stupid sweatshirt.

Anyway, there was dinner and icecream and a bonfire and fun times the rest of the evening. Marshmallows and everything.

Agenda for the week: knit, rest, research, and prepare for the going-home. My brother will be visiting soon! Yea!

Hello Moon

The Matrix Reloaded has become a new and easy way to pick out exactly who speaks French among a group of people gathered in a movie theater.

I watched the eclipse tonight, it was nice and clear (save a few wandering clouds), and it was fun to rouse up others in the vicinity to go and watch. It started out as a large group of students and professors lounging on the side of the road to watch. As the eclipse lingered in totality for a bit, people wandered back in to study for their respective exams, or get sleep or some such.

I chilled out a bit longer outside, watching the moon with Sheldon’s cat, and took Inky’s departure to go do kittie night time things as a signal to head on in. By in, of course, I mean Rodes. Brendan, D Flo, and Alison left long ago to do a scene rehearsal, and have not been back. I fear Grant has eaten them. I hope they got to see the eclipse also.

Discrete Math exam tomorrow, then I’m clear until Monday. Although I feared the speed with which the year was ending, I forgot how everything seems to sloooooooooow down during finals week. It’s a good thing.

Spring Forward

I found Strother’s away message to be particularly insightful…

“I hate spring forward daylight savings time, we should just fall back 23 hours. A 23 hour period where people are not allowed to do anything but relax, sleep, and be happy.”

Although I’m losing an hour of my precious time, I’m still quite happy. It seems that the fates felt so sorry for putting me through 1st-half-of-spring-term-from-hell that they’re making things go extra smoothly for the last half. Since none of my classes will conflict in the fall, it is now certain that I can complete my comp sci major, and I filled out the official forms that upgraded it from a minor to a second major yesterday. Also, I’ve found a roommate! Yuliya (my roommate from freshman year) had her eyes set on Fox Hall as well, and was searching for roommates, so if we get one more girl we can try for the apartment. My application for Centre Internship Plus is almost completely ready to turn in tomorrow, so that’s another load off.

On the other side, the glass class I applied for at Corning was full, but I’m on the waiting list. I’m not terribly concerned, though, because it will eliminate the problem of figuring out how to get from Stockbridge to Corning at the end of the summer. Also, I’m sad that I won’t get to go to Conglomeration this summer, but I’m still going to send my art in to the art show (and who knows, there might be some slim glimmer of hope that I can go).

All in all, things are going well. Strother and I are going to sneak off to Lexington today to catch Spirited Away again, and the rest of the evening will be full of studying for this week’s tests.


I got this from Brendan, who in turn snatched off someone else’s journal. Anyway, it’s a trailer for some French animated movie. The animation is pretty, if not semi-creepy and mesmerizing.


I’d really like to decipher the plot. The most I can come up with is three old ladies who are retired members of Stomp, only French, and some strange plot to kidnap people obsessed with bicycles? Anyone have any ideas? Anyone speak French?

Stomp revisited

I watched Stomp again last night from the catwalk, it was still just as envigorating. The sound collects rather well up in the catwalk, and the view was spectacular. I even went backstage early for the encore, it’s even *more* amazing when they’re 10 feet away. I’m jealous of Squirt, she got to work the show on props (meaning she got to toss them brooms and things onstage if one of theirs should break).

Load-out went well. There is a strange phenomenon concerning roadshow load-outs…whenever Katie Stubblefield and I are in the same proximity, we ALWAYS end up coiling cable. It’s some strange trick of fate. Anyway, I loved the Stomp electricians, they were all very friendly.

The load-out itself went surprisingly fast, and we were out by midnight (usually load-outs don’t end until 1 or 2 in the morning), and yesterday was Midnight Movie night (in which the college kids get to go watch movies at the local theater for free. We decided to be hard core and go, since D Flo hadn’t seen the second Lord of the Rings yet. So, D Flo, Tater, Eric, and myself drove out to the theater as the previews just drew to a close.

The idea didn’t work so well. Three of us had just finished a load-out, so the adrenaline quickly wore off. By the treck to Helmsdeep we were all nodding off. Originally, we were struggling to stay awake for Flora, since he’d never seen it, but even *he* was slipping away. Ultimately, we decided to savor what was left of the day’s strength and went back home.

I can now officially say I’ve seen The Two Towers 2 1/2 times. x_x

Christmas-y goodness

Being home on break, I was afraid the lonely bug would get to me, but it has been sufficiently squashed this weekend. Some old high school friends came over for some catching up and fun and games, and tonight Dave and I kidnapped each other to go see Spirited Away.

I have many a piece of glass to wrap up tomorrow (it seems that 30-60% of fall term glass ends up as Christmas presents, of the rest, most is snatched up by my parents as soon as I unpack them, leaving 1-2% in my personal collection x_x).

Unfortunately, I found a set of pieces I intend to give away that I forgot to sign! Dooooh!!!!!! >_< If only I had an engraver. I'm trying to think of something else I can use to sign them, because I'd like to wrap tomorrow. At any rate, the Christmas busy-week begins tomorrow, after that I'll find another lull in activity. If all goes well, I'll have my big site re-vamp finished and up after Christmas. We shall see. Have loverly holidays everyone!