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I love you, a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a jar of angry bees…

Tech week is crazy-busy, but I am still enjoying things. We’re doing much more building of props this week, which I prefer much more than prop shopping. It’s great to see all the big props finally coming together.

The master electrician taught me how to solder today, and how to wire the candle effects for some candelabras. It was very exciting and a good skill to add to my list-o-abilities, I’m glad I was able to learn. I’ll definitely post pictures of the candelabras, I’ve worked quite hard on them the past few days.

Time for bed, work in the morning.

Turtle Eggs! (maybe)

Today, Carleton and I went on a walk at a nature preserve. It was very pleasant and brisk, and we had some interesting finds, one being a nest of reptile eggs, likely turtle eggs (I only make this assumption because the nest was on the bank of a pond, I know nothing of New England turtle species to make a guess of what kind).

I at first plucked up what I thought to be a small, deflated ball, only to realize that it was actually the leathery egg of some reptile. We soon found more half-buried beneath the sand where the first one lay on the surface. Now, it’s awfully close to first frost, and I don’t know enough about the nesting habits of turtles to say if the eggs were still kickin or if they were drowned in the recent rains or what. Nonetheless, it was still an exciting find, and we recovered the eggs that were poking out and went on our way.

We also found several lively frogs, a woodpecker, a few finches, and a dragonfly that let me hold it as if to say “Look at this pose! Aren’t you sad you didn’t bring your camera? HAHAHAHAHA!!”

This week is tech for Guys and Dolls, so I will be absent and chained to the theater. Have a good week, all!


Tonight I went to Long Wharf’s “Season Kick-off” cookout. It was pretty fun, I got to mingle and get to know my co-workers a little better. There was a pie contest (not pie-eating, just who makes the awesomest pie).

I also met Dr. McAllister’s long lost twin, by my theories. Not only does he LOOK just like M.C. Allister, but he also has that constant smile that never ever ever goes away. His voice is different, and he’s an English/Classics sort of person instead of a Mathy sort, but otherwise, it’s definatley his long lost twin. Very bizarre.

Anyway, been making some new artstuffs. Playing with pastels. All fun and good.

Next week is the last week before the late-night pre-tech days at work begin, so we’ll see how well I like my job after that 😉

EDIT: Brendan is my hero

Chaos, madness, and settling in

Well, the first couple of weeks up here have been successful. I really enjoy my work, and everyone at the theater is super nice. It is a very different atmosphere from summerstock theater, and certainly from what I’ve done at Centre. At any rate, from the looks of things this year is going to be great.

Thought I lost my wallet this morning which was stressful, but turned out the couch was just trying to eat it. This weekend, Carleton and I are going to Burlington, Vermont to visit his grandparents. He is always speaking of how wonderful a place Vermont is, so now I’ll get to see if it’s really true ^_^

Tomorrow, my Nana is going in to surgery for her cancer. It is a very nervous time, so if those of you who are praying sorts would please add her to your list, it would be most appreciated.

I’ve settled in enough to work on new art, so we’ll see what future updates hold.



I got a props internship at Long Wharf Theatre in Connecticut which I had applied for in early April. It is very exciting for me, and is another wonderful load lifted off my shoulders what with not having to worry about what I’m going to do next year (That, and I can now officially answer the neverending questions of “So what are you going to do after you graduate?”)

The senior art majors defense was today and went quite well. I was able to form coherent thoughts and sentences even though my face was continuously trying to slide off. Lots of people showed up to the opening and it was really fun, I got a lot of great compliments on my pieces and on the show in general (and I made a trade for one of Augustine’s paintings! Yay!) I’ll be sure to post pictures once I get them.

Tonight was also the Jr/Sr drama dinner at Tony’s. It was very pleasant; I got a sock puppet as a gift and learned how to play Cricket (sort of).

Overall, things are going awesomely, with the only damper being that I am very very sick. However, tomorrow after my algorithms final I intend to take some cold medicine and sleep for about 3 days.

I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!