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Day Off

In spite of the mountains of work I have to do, I decided to come home for the weekend, and am very glad I did. I probably would not have gotten any work done at school anyway, most likely would have just moped about. Coming home was instantly refreshing.

This afternoon I joined Dave, Ken, and Brad at the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair, which was similar to the St. James Art fair except more pleasant weather and less people. We actually spent most of the beginning of the afternoon resting on Brad and Evan’s porch and people-watching. The art stuffs being sold were pretty varied, as the wares in these sorts of events usually are, but it was a pleasant day to be out walking. I also got to see Evan, but only briefly as I was on my way out and he on his way in.

I then spent the evening visiting Brendan and Maria. They introduced me to WarioWare, which seems to be a game invented specifically for people with ADD, but man is it fun. (note that site doesn’t have any actual game info on it…or maybe it does, it’s just hidden in those secret doors). We also dug out my old tape of Captain Power episodes, which was fun and nostalgic, but slightly lacking seeing as we didn’t have any of the toys. It was okay, though, we shot the screen with finger guns and made the little shooting noise.

Seeing my friends and being home was incredibly refreshing, and I only hope that doesn’t immediately drain out of me upon returning to school. Soooo much work to do, so little time. I guess that’s always true, though.

Doing my civic duty, or something…


This is something that *I* don’t really have to worry about, seeing as I’m graduating, but the rest of you non-senior Centre folk better stock up on a ticket and support the show, or else you’ll end up back on the streets with a really lame band for Carnival year after year.

What? What’s that? You don’t particularly like Ben Folds? NO EXCUSE. Buy a ticket. Or else (*looks fierce*)

Anyway, how about the rest of the world? Anyone near Kentucky on May 7 wanna come see Ben Folds? It will be awesome! You should totally come.

Prices are $20 upper tier/$25 orchestra for Centre Student ticket sales
$30 upper tier/$40 orchestra for Non Centre ticket sales


Box office is open each weekday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.
By phone: (859) 236-4692
1-877-HITSHOW or 1-877-448-7469


Every semester, before all students register for classes, they have to get their courselist approved by their faculty advisor (not anymore for me!). Sheldon (painting professor) often sends out emails to remind his advisees to come and do this early and not wait until the last minute, but the closing words of this term’s email were just too priceless not to post.

“….Lastly, I will not be available during registration week (April 26 – 30), due to a heavy schedule. Don’t procrastinate. If you do, you’ll not get into your courses, miss out on finishing your degree, disappoint your family, ruin your career, be forced into menial disgusting jobs for low pay, and completely fail to attract a desirable mate. So choose those courses now!

Your companion in virtue and industry,

Sheldon ”

Ah, Sheldon, I will miss your awesomeness ^_^

Outdoor classes

The weather is beautiful today, and as such the entire campus has decided to take advantage of it. In addition to the common student-napping-or-studying-on-a-blanket which pops up all over the lawns, many professors decided to teach their classes outside today.

As I walked across campus, the “outdoor classrooms” were all full (these consist of a big bunch of chairs and benches for professors who decide to have class outside), there was also a professor professing off the bug statue, as well as many classes grouped together out in the grass. Lectures in sidewalk chalk covered the walkways, from calculus equations to Hebrew lessons.

Of course, I observed all this as I walked inside to my computer science class, because we comp sci majors are doomed to the indoors on the nicest of days. Oh well, I’m sure if I’d had class outside I would quickly be whining about the heat and complaining of the bugs. ^_^

This and That

Another Algorithms test complete. This time, although difficult, it was not the physical violation that the last test was.

Yesterday started out as one of those inconvenient days, as my glass slot was moved back in the day, not allowing for a dinner break. However, it turned out to be for the better, as my slotmates and I went out to Guadi’s after closing the studio. Now, Guadalajara’s may not be in the league of 5-star Mexican restaurants, but when you crave it, nothing else will satisfy.

My motivation level is dropping at large rates, like radioactive decay. But if that’s the case, then it will never be *completely* gone, so I’ll still make it through these last few weeks.

Happy Easter

Whew! That was hard, but here I am again, safe in the folds of LJ. Well, what’s been new.

Well, several people had the NERVE to get new journals while I was away ^_^ Anyway, I’ll have fun catching up on , , and .

We had our group critiques for the senior art majors in early March, which helped me get on my way with my pieces. I like how they’re turning out, but I have to grind and cold work them a lot, which will take up the bulk of my time. This week will actually be the last week in the hot shop for me, as I devote the rest of the time between then and my show grinding and polishing, grinding and polishing, grinding and polishing x_x Here are some previews..


Let’s see let’s see, anything else? Well, I’m sure I’ll think of things later. Hope everyone has been well! Time to catch up on journals.
School has been busy, but over Spring Break I flew up to Connecticut to see Carleton, and much FFX ensued, it was an excellent break.

Now, Easter weekend has been a much of a break in its own right. I met with some high school friends Friday night, where we bonded over video games and went secondhand book shopping the next day.

Yay Fat Tuesday

Woo! Last post before my Lenten hiatus.

My 8:00 Algorithms class was eased somewhat today, as my professor brought us all jelly doughnuts. She grew up in a Polish neighborhood where they celebrated Paczki day the day before Ash Wednesday, which is somewhat of the “poor man’s Mardi Gras.” Having no paczki available, Americanized jelly doughnuts had to do, and we had a mini Paczki Day celebration before class started.

A note about auctions: Even though I don’t do the “Sundays doesn’t count” thing, I’ll be posting auctions and links to them on Sundays, so I’ll feel somewhat less intrusive onto my hiatus. Keep your eyes peeled, I need money for that glass color x_x.

Expect these and other updates when I return at Easter:
-Spring Break
-Survival of March Crunch

Extraneous Internet Hiatus begins at midnight tonight, so I’ll still be around if you need to reach me up until then.

Now I’m off to fatten myself up. If I’m celebrating Lent this year I may as well be fair and celebrate Mardi Gras as well. Hope the spring starts out wonderfully for everyone, I’ll see you guys at Easter!


I always forget about Lent since I’ve been in college. It was easy to remember going to a Catholic gradeschool and highschool, because you’d be like “oh, it’s Lent!” But not having reminders in college I’d go through half of March thinking “Why are they always serving fish on Fridays? That’s unusu……ohhhhhh.”

Anyway, entirely regardless of religion, I think any period of making a material sacrifice can be an enriching experience if you have the right mindset.

So this year for Lent (since I remembered it), I’m going to give up extraneous internet, which will be a huge challenge, but I think I can pull it off. The terms defining “extraneous” are as follows.

1. I’ll still use it for research, because I can’t get around that, but no leisurely browsings of forums, art sites, chats, Homestarrunner, etc. I’ll probably accomplish this by doing most of my internet research in labs, which provides an environment in which I feel like I have to be doing real work.

2. I’ll keep instant messenger open to people at school and family who may need to contact me for school or family-related business, but otherwise no IM

3. No LJ, neither friends list readings nor updates. The exception is I’ll probably be auctioning off glass to get money to pay for that color, so I’ll likely post a link to the auction as an update.

I think that mostly covers things. This process will have an additional benefit, in that hopefully it will force me to focus more on school and post-graduation planning, which is always very heavy in March. So, if anyone has a drastically important need to contact me, do it by Mardi Gras (that’s Tuesday). I’ll probably do an update Tuesday night.

Mysteries Solved

So, remember when my parents’ computer had that problem with cryptic messages typing themselves out in text boxes? We discovered that it was the speech recognition function. See, I swapped monitors with them at the beginning of the school year, and my old monitor has a built-in microphone. So all those ghostly messages were just it trying to interpret various sounds: sneezes, coughs, mumblings, etc. Doh!

Today I was compiling a list of color that I need to buy to use for pieces for my senior show, and Holy Crap for Crap! Glass color is EXPENSIVE! x_x Even when I calculated the price for just half a kilo of each color bar I need, it was still quite a hefty sum.

Maybe I should sell/auction old glass pieces to raise money to buy color to use in new glass pieces. There must be some other things I can sell besides glass to raise money… *rummage rummage* …anybody want an upside-down running hourglass?


Yellow Boat is finally officially over!

Strike was delayed a bit due to an impromptu private concert from Colin’s dad (note: Colin is Colin McCann, son of Peter McCann, who wrote “Do You Wanna Make Love (Or Do You Just Wanna Fool Around)?”, which the cast and crew was in love with). So after the pleasant sing-along, the disassembly started.

After putting props away, I spent most of it de-tangling the fiber optics used for the stardrop. What a paaaaaaaain.

In spite of my heavy workload, I’m dropping everything to go home tomorrow to see Les Triplettes de Belville, which I’ve been anxiously waiting to see since Brendan showed me the trailer a year or so ago. I’m very excited!