A comic not about Halo

Inspired by the hectic auditioning process I mentioned last time. It is rather random and inside-jokish, and I wasn’t even sure if the people *in* the comic would get it. No matter, I can always say it was an exercise in dramatic shading and foreshortening ^_^


Consequently, the stars *did* like it. I’ve never had someone read one of my comics three times right in a row and laugh out loud each time. It is, perhaps, the most gratifying sensation one can experience.

The day is mine!

Tonight, I wrenched myself awake from a pleasant nap to walk through the pouring rain to a figure study session, all on my own accord! It is perhaps the most accomplished I’ve felt all year.

In other news…
Me: I don’t know if I should try out for a part in the one act plays for the directing class, I don’t know if I have time for another chunk ripped out of my schedule.
D Flo: Wanna be my stage manager instead?
Me: Durr…uhh…okay O.o

Good thinking, self, being an SM will be a lot less busy than an actress ¬_¬ No matter, though, it should be fun! I’ve never been a stage manager before, and even though it’s just for the small one-act plays, it should be an experience.

After a rather hectic audition, D Flo cast Tommy, Katie, and Jeff (yes, Jeff. You remember Jeff, don’t you? The one who juggles flaming sticks? Yeah, that one).

So, through an interesting twist of fate, I work under Jeff for the big play, and he works under me for the one acts. We’re each other’s boss, how strange!

Lot’s of rain lately, but things are still good. Fall break next weekend, no plans yet. And thanks again for the input on my big decision.

Have you ever had to make up your mind?

I have a big decision to make, so let’s make it.

The situation:
I am currently listed as an art major and computer science minor. My plans up to this point have been to go on and double major in both, since I can get in the comp sci classes okay. Well, I could’ve, until Dr. Bitensky decided to try and put together a winter term trip to Morocco…

The decision
Do I go ahead and get my comp sci major, or do i settle for a minor and study abroad in Morocco for the short winter term next year?

The gut responses
-mmm…but a comp sci major would help for my future career
-I might be going to Germany next year, would that be too much abroad time?
-would I disappoint my parents or would they be all for me adventuring off?

The cold hard facts
-Bitensky needs at least 25 students to express interest in the trip before he can get it okayed
-the trip will cost me $2800
-I’ve already been abroad once in my college career so far
-I will have no trouble finishing my art major, it’s practically finished already, but I need to take comp sci every term from here on out to get a major.
-missing the winter term next year would not affect my ability to get my comp sci minor

The pluses and minuses
-It’s Morocco. How many other times in my life am I going to get to go to Morocco?
-I would be missing my major by like one class. Having two majors definately would’ve been an advantage

Other possibilities
-this may not even be an issue, he could not get enough interest and the trip could never happen
-hey, there’s always that 5th year senior option ^_^
-maybe I could talk to my professors and arrange something where I could pull both off!

Current Actions
-I need to talk to my parents about this, i’ve already emailed my brother to ask his opinion.
-I need to talk to my comp sci professor, because those will be the missed classes concerned
-I’ll talk to Sheldon, because Sheldon can fix anything (yay Sheldon!)
-I’ll ask for input, from YOU GUYS!!

The decision is looking in favor of Morocco, but that may be because I’m still experiencing some residual excitement and day dreaming about the idea. So, what say you?

The moral of today’s story is..

Today I learned several things..

1) Regardless of how miserable and rainy the day is, if you refuse to refer to it as a “bad day” and instead just call it a “wet day”, it gets better quickly.

2) the 3×4 ft panel I’m making for this year’s extended figure study is a helluva lot bigger than the 2×3 ft one I did last year, and it’s intimidating me. This will be the biggest painting I’ve ever done.

3) Tony II, of England adventure fame, said that I am “the deepest of the bunch” and that I have “a lot of interesting things rattling around up there (points to head).” Tony is wise and a good mentor, it flatters me that he has so much faith in me.

4) The days go by quickly, so you must milk them for all they’re worth. Every day, even the bad ones, even the dull ones. Make it the best time of your life each moment.

I’m going home for the weekend, I miss my cats.

When you swim in the sea and an eel bites your knee…

Sometimes I find it amusing that love is perhaps the thing I value the most, and yet there is a whole subset of love which I have yet to investigate. I wonder if that’s allowed? Anyhow, I take notes and take notes and take notes, and even still there are things I just don’t get. Crazy people! No matter.

In other news, we caught a big praying mantis in the hot shop tonight, and before taking it outside I ran it back to the office to show D.H. He was very excited, and upon the buggy’s release he informed me that it was the happiest part of his day. It’s nice to know you possess the ability to cheer someone up, especially someone as rageful and sardonic as D.H.