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Book Review: The Ale Boy’s Feast

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review

The Ale Boy’s Feast was a fantastic read in a rich, vivid fantasy setting. It was the last book in a series, but the opening synopsis was thorough enough that I never felt lost, and though I felt like I was missing some of the subtleties of some of the characters’ relationships, it just made me curious and did not frustrate me. That said, I will most definitely go back and read the series from the start, because Jeffrey Overstreet’s wordsmithing is just an absolute joy to read!

The world that the story takes place in is rich and original in terms of fantasy standards, and the conflicts are complex without becoming confusing. It follows where I presume the previous storylines diverted off and eventually brings them all back together: Cal-ravan the young king, Rescue the aptly named ale boy, Krawg the thief-turned-storyteller, the kite-taming sky man, the mage and his dragon, the insidious Seers…The strong characters in this book make a solid foundation for the plot to weave around.

Even though I read the last book first, I am incredibly excited to go hunt down the rest of the series and start over from the beginning. I would highly recommend checking out the sneak-peak on the publisher website to get a taste of the writing style. 5 stars!